You’re Not Abraham Yet HELLO WORLD

Steps to Selling your Business Part 6. Speaking with certainty about the future worked out for Abraham. We, though, need to be careful. The truth is that every savvy business owner has had to develop skilled self-promotion to succeed, and that can often translate into spin with their M&A Advisor as well, saying, “This is […]

Get in the (Value) Driver’s Seat HELLO WORLD

Steps to Selling your Business Part 5. At its most basic, your Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Advisor should ask: how does this business make money? For example, consider a business where billings are based on hours. For that billable hour, their company might pay their staff $60 and bill their clients $200 an hour. Since […]

The Importance of Value Drivers When Assessing Targets HELLO WORLD

Having established the importance of corporate strategy as the starting point for any deal and introduced possible acquisition types, let’s shift attention from the Strategy stage of our framework to Search and Assessment (Figure 1). What value does a potential target bring, and where do we find good quality targets? Let’s start with value   […]