Stillwater advises Wize Solutions LLC in its sale to Argosy Private Equity

Stillwater Capital is pleased to announce that it served as an exclusive financial advisor to Wize Solutions in its sale to Argosy Private Equity. Wize Solutions, headquartered in Utah, is a full-service warehouse racking, structural automation, and dock and door installation company, operating across the United States. Argosy Private Equity, founded in 1990, specializes in […]

Protecting Your Name

Steps to Selling your Business Part 18. We can’t say this too strongly – you never want word of your company’s sale to be public knowledge – this is a private affair. Public knowledge of the sale can wreak havoc on the health of your business, attract vultures, and even interfere with getting the price […]

Making Initial Contact

Steps to Selling your Business Part 17. We’ve previously discussed the Sale Book as being one of the end products in the Preparatory Phase. The Sale Book contains everything a potential buyer needs to know to decide if they are interested in your company or not. In essence, it’s your advertisement.  Although we may approach ten different companies with […]

Who Are You Talking To?

Steps to Selling your Business Part 16. Previously, we introduced the task of developing and personalizing an initial list of potential buyers for your company. It’s not easy to do this well, and doing so is a mark of a great M&A Advisory team at work. Stillwater’s attention to detail on your custom-built buyer list […]

Keep Your Sales in Focus

Steps to Selling your Business Part 15. When you start formally working with Stillwater to sell your company, there is something we ask you to do right away that will have significant consequences for you, particularly when you move into the Market Outreach stage. Keep your focus on your sales. We’re talking about making strong […]

Setting the Pace for a Sale

Steps to Selling your Business Part 14. “How long does a sale process take?” an interviewer recently asked me. I answered, “that depends on how far back you want to put the starting line.”  So far in this series, we have focused our attention on the initial steps and work (Preparation) within the three-stage process […]