Mapping Your Trajectory

Steps to Selling your Business Part 7. A wise colleague once told me that investors look at lines, not dots. Almost too simple as maxims go, but it has proved worthwhile. I try to keep this word picture in front of me when interacting with potential buyers. Lines, not dots. Lines, not dots, means you […]

You’re Not Abraham Yet

Steps to Selling your Business Part 6. In this series, I’ve returned several times to the importance of your business’s story and how that story often brings to light vital factors in the sale process, something which an analysis of the numbers might miss. However, your company’s numbers do matter; there is a danger when […]

Get in the (Value) Driver’s Seat

Steps to Selling your Business Part 5. In previous posts, we have focused on getting into the right mindset to begin selling your business. In doing so, we have warned you to expect a granular inspection of all your numbers. Potential buyers will be looking at reams of data, and it is crucial to prepare for the […]