Identifying the Perfect Buyer

Steps to Selling your Business Part 13. As you complete the preparation stage, momentum will begin to build and you will feel a sense of acceleration as you strain towards the finish line. It is time to showcase your business in the marketplace. Who do we show it to? Going to market is one of […]

The Story We Will Tell

Steps to Selling your Business Part 12. So far in this series, we have looked in detail at the extensive preparation you must undertake with your M&A Advisors to get ready to sell your business. This is not easy work, and you may find yourself fatigued and tempted to rush things at this stage in […]

What’s Your Downside? The Truth About Honesty

Steps to Selling your Business Part 11. When you tell your company’s story to prospective buyers, make sure you are not hiding anything. This is simple enough advice; most of us have had enough life experience to know that honesty truly is the best policy. There are checks, safeguards, and penalties in place against outright […]