We engineer and execute exceptional financing solutions that are essential for company growth and success.

Financing growth is vital to business growth.

We can help you understand what you need, what's possible, and how to get it at the best value. Free from the conflicts of interest inherent to many large financial institutions, we deliver unbiased guidance. This independence from investment, accounting and lending affiliates enables us to promote healthy competition among lending sources, which translates to better value for you.

Whether it's corporate financing or equity and debt financing, our exceptional experience, and knowledge, along with strong, established funder/investor relationships, mean we secure the capital you need.

Raising Capital

Our approach is based on detailed business analysis, plans and cash flows, applied to current market conditions.

Equity and Debt

Strong relationships with numerous institutional investors enable us to assist with our clients' financing strategies.


We have extensive experience in changing a company’s capital structure to realize the value locked up in the company.

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Case Study

Case Study 7: Positioning a Company to Take it to Market

Situation: PinPoint GPS, headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, is a leading Telematics Solutions company, bringing the best-of-breed brands in...

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Case Study

Case Study 6: Strategic Acquisitions

Flomatic Corporation has been acquired by Boshart Industries Stillwater Capital acted as exclusive advisor to Boshart...

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Case Study

Case Study 5: Shareholders Divesting Their Business

Torus Freight Systems has been acquired by Transplace Stillwater Capital acted as exclusive advisor to Torus Freight Systems Situation: Torus...

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Case Study

Case Study 4: Acquisition in a New Market

Emptech North Inc has been acquired by Proax Technologies Stillwater Capital acted as exclusive advisor to Proax Technologies Situation: Proax...

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