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Transportation and Logistics companies are complex. At Stillwater, we have proved repeatedly that we understand the dynamics of the industry across all of its niches – our track record speaks for itself.

Many acquisitions in the T&L sector fail because of a fundamental lack of understanding of how these businesses operate and how they can add value to their own clients. At Stillwater, we believe that the evolution of T&L businesses calls for much more than geographic expansion. Solid companies with the ability to disrupt the industry are sought out to not only expand, but also change the business model of the acquiring company. We create value for our clients by approaching acquisitions and divestitures from our proprietary framework, an essential step in achieving their corporate strategy goals

Stillwater’s T&L Practice Group provides clients with accessible exceptional advice. As one of the leading T&L M&A advisors in North America, we bring superior competency, insights, and expertise to clients’ M&A strategies. Whether selling, developing an acquisition program, refinancing, or valuing Transportation & Logistics companies, having Stillwater in your corner is the best decision you can make.

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