Case Study 7: Positioning a Company to Take it to Market

Situation: PinPoint GPS, headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, is a leading Telematics Solutions company, bringing the best-of-breed brands in vehicle tracking, trailer tracking and worker tracking into an integrated offering for mid-sized transportation logistics and fleet operators. Their customer-focused, subscription-based business model boasted a client base with healthy growth, low churn, and a recent movement from […]

Case Study 5: Shareholders Divesting Their Business

Torus Freight Systems, headquartered in Richmond Hill, Ontario, is a leading freight management company, focused primarily on moving freight from the United States into Canada. A growing demand from their customer base to manage portions of domestic US freight left them unable to meet the demand.

Case Study 3: Divesting a Company Division

A Toronto, Ontario-based family-owned company, over 100 years old, was in the third generation of ownership. In their 2011 strategic plan, the company’s management team decided that their Industrial Foam Division was no longer a core business and wanted to divest the industrial foam operation by early spring 2012.

Case Study 2: Strategic Business Alliance

Cargo Direct International (CDI) and Fluke Transportation Group have entered into a strategic relationship. John Willis, chairman of CDI, stated that CDI needed to provide an increased geographic coverage to meet the transportation requirements of its growing customer base and Fluke’s strong presence and 95-year history in Southern Ontario made it the natural choice.

Case Study 1: Investment Needed for the Business to go Global

Burlington Automation Corp. (BAC), located in Hamilton, ON, manufactures a single machine, the PythonX. This machine is the market leader in automated cutting of structural steel and tubes. While the company has sold machines on every continent, it needed three things – a global distribution network, a global in-field support network and a marquee brand to take the business to the next level.