Chairman’s Letter – June 2022

Covid 19 – What does 2 years of data show us now? In May 2020, we published a summary of our study on “the data behind Covid-19”. At that time, we were still early in the Covid pandemic, with some 20,000 reported positive cases in the province of Ontario. There was great uncertainty about the […]

The End-Goals of Management Visits

Steps to Selling your Business Part 27. Before we move on to the next step in selling your business, I want to take a moment to consider the end goals of Management Visits. The first is to thin out the pack of prospective buyers. After these meetings, the people you move forward with will be […]

Narrowing the Field pt.2

Steps to Selling your Business Part 23. In my last post, I outlined our first step in cutting the extensive list of interested candidates down to a list of the highest-quality potential buyers through a request for a written Expression of Interest (EOI).  The EOI request quickly removes bargain hunters, value investors, and tire kickers from […]

Trust is Everything

Steps to Selling your Business Part 19. Trust underpins the entire process of selling your business. Finding buyers that you can trust is our job as your Advisor; however, the buyer must trust both you and your Advisors as well.  On the subject of trust, we have two responsibilities:    1: We must communicate trustworthiness to our […]

Are You Stealing From Yourself?

Steps to Selling your Business Part 9. An old friend once said something to me that I’ve never forgotten. It was a single sentence that immediately became part of my arsenal of practical wisdom. My friend is an accountant; at one point, he bought another accountant’s practice. This accountant had been struggling financially for 20 […]