About Stillwater Capital

Since inception, internationally we have completed over 2,000 mid-market M&A transactions.

Experience has shown us that trust, integrity and results are everything.

Stillwater Capital is Canada’s leading mid-market M&A advisor. Since 2001, we have completed over 100 Canadian transactions. We are passionate about building outstanding companies through high-quality acquisition programs and equally passionate about obtaining great results for clients who decide to divest some or all of their business.

Rooted in fairness, intellectual rigour and compassion for people, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of ethics. We help our clients achieve superior outcomes by providing thoughtful, caring advice while acting with honour and integrity.

While we serve clients across Canada and the USA, over 30% of our transactions involve an international counterparty.

As members of the world’s premier professional advisory group, Geneva Capital Group, we have reached into every country and major city in the world, from Toronto to Beijing, Washington to Moscow, Paris to Adelaide. With over 26,000 of the world’s best legal, accounting and M&A professionals in our group, located in over 750 offices in 140 countries, we bring unequalled perspective and insights to every client we serve.

Our Team

Each member of our team provides the highest standard of professional service to help you successfully achieve your objectives.

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